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The Grinch is Real

Primary school teacher who told children: ‘Santa does not exist’ is fired | Mail Online
A primary school teacher who left a class of 25 pupils in tears after she told told them Santa Claus did not exist has been fired..

When excited youngsters became rowdy as they talked about Santa, the supply teacher blurted out: ‘It’s your parents who leave out presents on Christmas Day.’

The class of seven-year-olds at Blackshaw Lane Primary School, Royton, near Oldham, Greater Manchester burst into tears and told their parents when they arrived home.

The grinch here was a substitute teacher, whose career there just ended.

Somebody’s getting coal in their stocking…

The next step in DO and MD getting along?

Umm, this seems like it’s going to suffer from split-focus when they go recruiting, but maybe someone out there knows of an instance where this has been tried before?

Star-Telegram.comThe University of North Texas Health Science Center is considering a plan to offer M.D. degrees, in addition to the osteopathic program that it historically has provided to physicians-in-training.

University President Scott Ransom this week notified students and faculty that the Fort Worth medical school will do a "complete evaluation of various proposals" to create the MD program.

The science center’s Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine now offers a D.O. degree, with most graduates going on to practice primary care such as general internal medicine and pediatrics.

In his message to students, Ransom said the university is contemplating the addition of the MD degree in order to expand training opportunities and recruit a total class of 250 medical students.

I don’t get it.  Be a proud DO school, be a new allopathic school, but make a choice.  (I think this is a start on a change from DO to MD school, but that’s just a guess and based on nothing whatsoever).

Texas Emergency Medicine Report Card: We’re only failing half!

The National Report Card on the State of Emergency Medicine came out a couple of days ago, and I finally got around to looking at mine today.

Hmm, a C.  I guess I’ll have to get someone to sign mine before I take it back…

Despite receiving solid marks for its Quality and Patient Safety Environment and having one of the best Medical Liability Environments in the country, Texas continues to face significant problems, particularly in the area of Access to Emergency Care.Txreportcard

Strengths. Texas has the third lowest average malpractice award payment in the nation ($148,495), reflecting the multitude of medical liability reforms that have been enacted…

Challenges. Access to Emergency Care in Texas is in crisis. The state has the highest rates of uninsured children and adults (21.2 and 25.8 percent, respectively), and ranks among the lowest states regarding access to all types of providers…

Frankly, if they don’t grade on a curve nobody’s going to do well on this test.

See your state’s results here.

Update: symtym has pictures for the whole US.  They’re not pretty.

Reasons I’m glad I’m an EM doc, another in the series

Tonight I was walking into the hospital, and greeted two of my favorite consultant docs walking out. They’d just finished rounding. At 9pm.