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Somebody got a new ED

Postscript: Three Cheers For Middlesex Hospital’s New E.R.

Hartford CourantBy JOSH KOVNER

December 29, 2008

MIDDLETOWN ā€” – Middlesex Hospital’s new $31 million emergency department, which opened in March, has settled into a groove.
The waiting room is usually empty and people are seeing doctors in a third of the time, even though the patient caseload has risen 4 percent since March ā€” in what has been one of the busiest emergency centers in the state.
Memories of a crowded waiting room and patients on gurneys in the hallway are fading.
The largest renovation project in the history of the hospital increased the number of emergency beds from 26 to 44 and added new technology that has streamlined patient care.

Up 4% already.  If you build it, they will come.  I give it 6 months until the waiting room is full again.

Yes, Iā€™m jealous.  Rumor had it our ED was next for an expansion.  Until the economy acted up, which has everything on hold.

Congrats, Middletown, wherever you are.