A hot computer in 1997

Cleaning today, I came across the information for my first desktop computer, a 1997 Gateway.

We’re come a long way from the Pentium 166 with 32 MB RAM and a 2.5GB HDD.


Aah, memories.


  1. Awesome. I’m not sure what is more trippy — these specs, or the fact that this was your *first* computer. You were late to the game, man! Maybe it’s unfair, since you were probably in medical school/residency when the PC revolution was taking off — and who has time or money for gadgets in residency? I got my first in college, it was a Mac Classic II, with a motorola LC 68030 running at a blazing 16 MHZ, an 80 MB HD, and 2MB of RAM.

    I also remember one of my geek friends stopping me as I was walking to class one day and saying to me, “FTP to U of I’s NCSA server and download this program called Mosaic. It will change your life.” Those were actually his words. Mosaic was, of course, the first web browser. I had my own web site up within weeks — just a vanity site which eventually succumbed to the time pressures of medical school.

    Ah, memories.

  2. Goatwhacker says:

    My father was on the cutting edge buying an Apple II. The first computer I bought was a 286 PC AT from a USAA catalog (military types will recognize that). I learned programming (if you could call it that) on a college mainframe using the old punchcards.

  3. I had a TRS-80 from Radio Shack when I was in 8th grade and learned a bit of BASIC programming. It used a cassette tape for a drive. I remember spending three days typing a program copied out of a book for a Star Trek game, only to find that it wouldn’t run properly. I was spoiled, we had a PONG game too.

  4. LOL. I remember my first computer – a 386sx with the 5.4″ floppy and a whopping 120 MB of HDD space. :-)

    Lasted three years that one…

    Ahhh, memories of WOlfenstein 3D…

  5. #1 – Apple IIc – no hard drive, one internal 5 1/4(I think – big floppy), one external 5 1/4, did Appleworks;
    #2 – IBM clone 286, 40 MB HD, original Windows – ran my General Surgery Office 1989-1991, plenty of room left, no idea how much RAM; external tape backup. Wife later used it for WP for BA classes. Fate unknown.

    Traded #1 for custom cut of 5 A volunteer alfalfa in small bale form for horses; W. OK.