PalmPistol is now an FDA recognized medical device

via Medgadget I was made aware of the PalmPistol, a single-shot 9mm weapon apparently intended for contact-wound distance self defense.  One of their marketing focuses is for the disabled, with amputations, arthritis, etc.

Images from the PalmPistol website.

The trigger is on the top and is thumb-activated, and I’ve got to assume the buttons in the front have to be depressed as a safety, which seems like it’d be hard to use unless you’ve got a decent grip, a thumb and at least two fingers.  How that’d make it easier to use for people with hand problems I don’t know.  I think a derringer type pistol would do the same thing, but Medicare won’t pay for a Derringer (and I sincerely hope they don’t start paying for this).

I also don’t know of any other firearm that’s been approved as a medical device (but I don’t follow that, either).  It is ATF recognized as a firearm, so it’s got the same restrictions on ownership, transportation and prohibited facilities as any other firearm.

There is a market for this sort of thing.  I would bet the disabled and frail are targeted by our permanent criminal class, and they should be able to use any legal means of self-defense available.  If the look of a conventional firearm drives them away, maybe this will help.

I won’t be writing any prescriptions for one, however.  When used the prescriber is going to get a brush with an attorney (especially if used in a suicide); doctor, did you screen the patient formally for homicidal or suicidal tendencies?  Did you make sure they knew how to use it properly?  Fill in your second-guessing here.

So, interesting marketing.  Best of luck with it.


  1. Grunt, you can maybe discuss this with me in greater depth; we have far tighter gun control in the UK than you guys, as I’m sure you already know, but I’m wondering to myself the benefit of a single-shot weapon for self-defence. Cos it strikes me, that if I’m going to be pushed to use a firearm to protect myself from an assailant, then that assailant will be threatening my life, or the life of my charges (family, patient, partner) and I want to know damn sure that I can stop that person from attacking me. What if I miss with one shot? What if I wing the assailant in the hand and he keeps coming?

    I want more ammo!


  2. Does anyone but me foresee someone thinking this is an Advair inhaler? Ouch!

  3. Kal,
    I’d be against a single shot unless it’s your only choice (and sorry you don’t have a choice).

    I lost several comments (changed servers) that said they’d prefer a bullet with a “caliber that starts with .4”, and one that recommended 10mm. Seems like they missed the boat on a .45, a proven people-stopper (which is what this is), and I don’t know why they chose a 9mm. Must be an engineering decision.