Sleep emailing?

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Doctors have reported the first ever case of someone using the internet while asleep, after a sleeping woman sent emails to people asking them over for drinks and caviar.

The 44-year-old woman, whose case is reported by researchers from the University of Toledo in the latest edition of medical journal Sleep Medicine, had gone to bed at around 10pm, but got up two hours later and walked to the next room.

She then turned on the computer, connected to the internet, and logged on by typing her username and password to her email account. She then composed and sent three emails.

Really, how do these cases wind up in doctors’ offices?  I have experience with med-induced sleep driving, but that’s a different tale…


  1. Hey! I go there! Surprisingly this hasn’t been spread around our school yet. Then again, we are in the middle of anatomy prepping for a 2 hour lab practical and 4 hour written test….

  2. Was she taking Ambien?

  3. There’s worse things you could do while your asleep. Checking email and inviting friends over for drinks and caviar doesn’t seem like it would be too damaging.

  4. I gave a big “holy cow” when I read this… and then you asked how these things end up in a doctor’s office.

    About four months ago I got out of bed around 2am, went into my living room and turned on my laptop, opened Outlook, and wrote out a perfectly cogent email to…. my primary card physician. I only found out about it when he asked me what I had been doing up at 2am.

    This from someone who has never sleepwalked, never taken sleeping pills, doesn’t drink or do drugs, doesn’t cheat on taxes or speed (much), brushes after meals, and always wears clean underwear.

  5. I wish I’d only been emailing at 2 am! I got on my computer and started ordering magazine subscriptions and I apparently paid for a “How to get fast money from the government” type book. I didn’t find out until I got my credit card statement. Good thing I didn’t buy any diamonds or plasma TVs.