Doctor’s death ‘tremendous loss’ for UTHSC

Doctor’s death ‘tremendous loss’ for UTHSC
Dr. Michael Sanchez, who in a few months as director of University Hospital’s busy emergency department slashed waiting times and reduced the number of patients turned away because of overcrowding, was struck and killed while jogging Sunday afternoon.

His own emergency department colleagues tried to save Sanchez without recognizing him because of the extent of his injuries. Only after he was pronounced dead did they learn it was Sanchez, hospital staff said.

Horrible, for all concerned.  Sounds like a good ED administrator.


  1. That is so tragic!

    How awful for the staff too…to have that memory of someone they worked with and knew.

    Before reading the article I wondered if someone was using their cell phone or texting.

    It sounds like he was a terrific guy and my heart goes out to his family, friends and coworkers.

    And the driver will have to live with it too.

    So sad.