Michael Yon – Online Magazine – Bullies

Michael Yon – Online Magazine: Border Bullies

Empowered bureaucratic bullies. We can, and certainly should, do better.



  1. Steve Lucas says:

    Sad, but no uncommon. We had a 70+ year old Israeli friend turned back in New York because some person felt they were a threat. One year later they are still trying to return to the US where they own property.

    My wife and I take one trip to France a year and you would think we were going, or doing, something terrible. Belts, shoes, coats, and the last time sweaters, leaving us in a state of undress, all of this while an overweight woman bellows to hurry up and a guy with a mullet goes through our belongings.

    As a private pilot fly into an airport with air service and you are escorted to and from your plane, that is if you can prove you own the plane. Base your aircraft at an air service airport and now you must have a background check and wear a badge at all times. Homeland Security is now trying to force all airports to erect fences and background check all pilots or their guest, regardless of aircraft size. A GA aircraft has never been used in a terrorist incident in the US, nor do they have the kinetic energy to inflict major damage.

    Many years ago we were warned in college about those who are “empire builders.” Homeland Security certainly fills this bill, the only problem is, I do not like the empire they are building where fear and intimidation are the coin of the realm.

    Steve Lucas