The Leap Non-Severity Scale at

The Leap Non-Severity Scale at
My scoring system for critical illness:

The Leap Non-severity scale:


3 Unable to speak profanity or make profane gestures.

Follow the link, there’s more.  And it’s funny (because it’s true)!

Genius.  Sheer, unadulterated genius.


  1. Edwin’s blog is one of my favorites. As an FYI, he’s having spam probs with comments and they are working on a fix so folks can comment. As of yesterday, it wasn’t fixed. I believe he posted that somewhere, but just in case folks haven’t seen it….

    GruntDoc, your blog is one of my favorites, too. Got yer boots on and a shovel handy? ;)

  2. Excellent score. In residency we had the DBI (for dirtball index, do longer used because it ain’t PC). DBI = (blood alcohol level × surface area in tattoos)/(number of remaining teeth). With the rise of methamphetamine, the denominator has become meaningless…