White Coat Rants joins EPMonthly

One of my favorite EM bloggers joins my favorite EP Newspaper:

To those of you who have followed me from my old blog … welcome back.

To everyone who has followed a link to this blog from EP Monthly … welcome.

I go by the pseudonym of WhiteCoat. I’m a practicing ED physician who has a blogging addiction. I started writing a blog called WhiteCoat Rants about a year and a half ago…WhiteCoat

Emergency Physicians Monthly and I decided to combine forces to bring our readers the best of EP Monthly’s written publication and a good look at the medical blogosphere. My old readers can check out all the great articles that EP Monthly has to offer and EP Monthly’s readers can put up with my ranting. Great deal, huh?

I certainly should be, and best of luck to both!  Now to update my links…


  1. He’s a great blogger – enjoy his posts. :)