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Compassion in MedBlogging

Explained more eloquently in the full post, but:

Head Nurse: Let’s talk about compassion.
This is an important point for those of us who blog, and those of us who nurse: People will criticize you for not being the constant comforting angel that they think you ought to be. To hell with them. The important thing is that you do what you are meant to do for those people who find themselves in your care.

I’m occasionally accused of not blogging in a warm-and-fuzzy fashion suitable to whatever aggrieved person comments, and I don’t generally respond; they don’t know me, they are’t my patients, heck with them.

Emergency Department Admissions Are More Profitable Than Non–Emergency Department Admissions

Well, now…

From the “I wouldn’t have believed it, either” files comes this paper from the Annals of Emergency Medicine:

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We compare the contribution margin per case per hospital day of emergency department (ED) admissions with non-ED admissions in a single hospital, a 600-bed, academic, tertiary referral, Level I trauma center with an annual ED census of 100,000.


In summary, ED admissions in our institution generate a higher contribution margin per day than non-ED admissions.

Should make for friendlier conversations with your administrators.