Nadeem Esmail Says Nationalized Health Care Will Cost Us Pain and Suffering –

Nadeem Esmail Says Nationalized Health Care Will Cost Us Pain and Suffering –
‘Too Old’ for Hip Surgery
As we inch towards nationalized health care, important lessons from north of the border.


President Obama and Congressional Democrats are inching the U.S. toward government-run health insurance. Last week’s expansion of Schip — the State Children’s Health Insurance Program — is a first step. Before proceeding further, here’s a suggestion: Look at Canada’s experience.
[The Americas] Martin Kozlowski

Health-care resources are not unlimited in any country, even rich ones like Canada and the U.S., and must be rationed either by price or time. When individuals bear no direct responsibility for paying for their care, as in Canada, that care is rationed by waiting.

You don’t say.


  1. And this is surprising… Socialism is a nasty habit, with a whole lotta bad side effects.

  2. Jim in Texas says:

    I share these kinds of articles with a friend who is a strident supporter of nationalized health care and his reaction is pretty much typical among other supporters of NHC; it’ll be different here.

    These are the same people who dump on FEMA and other parts of the U.S. government for their failures during Katrina, rail at the IRS for inefficiency, but national health care?? That’ll be different, good, efficient.

    If you want to see how efficient national health care will be, just look at the VA hospitals and multiple by 1,000!!

    With the same type of blind support that got Obama elected, I’m afraid NHC is a done deal.

  3. guys…
    I don’t have insurance.
    I am putting off a mammogram requested by my doc 2 yrs ago, my annual, my every three year trip to the dentist, and ignoring hand pain that has me taking 4 advil at a time.

    is that not rationing?


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