THC and testicles

I’ve been working on a pun for this, but haven’t had any luck.  Yours is solicited, in the comments.

Cannabis could cause testicular cancer – study

Smoking cannabis could increase the risk of developing testicular cancer by 70 per cent, scientists have warned.

telegraph The team interviewed 369 men with testicular cancer, in the Seattle area – mostly in their 20s and 30s – about their history of marijuana use.

They then compared their responses with those from just under 1,000 men without the disease from a similar area and age group.

Even after other "lifestyle" factors such as smoking and drinking as well as risks such as a family history of the disease, cannabis use emerged as a significant possible cause, the study published in the journal Cancer concluded.

Regular or long-term cannabis smokers appeared twice as likely to develop the disease as those who had never used the drug.

Being a regular marijuana smoker at the time of diagnosis was associated with a 70% increased risk.


Or, it could be something in the munchies.  That’s the problem with associations in medical research.


  1. THC = Testicles Have Cancer

  2. I agree there are probably some deal-breaking confounding factors here, but if it’s that one (the munchies) then I think the Marijuana-Cancer link is still valid. Secondarily causative is causative nonetheless, unless we can convince potheads to start munching on celery….

  3. Smoke your balls!

  4. Bruce Small says:

    After ABC published the story on their website, I found this comment which seems to sum up the reaction of potheads rather nicely. Pathetic, isn’t it?

    “This is just another effort to deied the benefits of hemp medical reasons .A bunch of people who never needed the great benefits of it for oain relive are just trying to denie it true medicail helpHow they claim darvon needs to be banned but its beened used for a half century.pot carry not more cancer risk than all the crap they add to our foods”

  5. [Cheech] “Far out, man…” [/Cheech]

  6. Yet another reason to abstain from drug use! I thought army doctors comment was hilarious :)

  7. “THC and testicles, Doing something very similar at this very moment. Just subscribed to your feed.