Archives for March 10, 2009

iPhone weirdness, ATT & wrong numbers

I’m throwing this out there hoping someone has a solution.

Since I got my new iPhone several months ago it’ll go through periods where it gets a lot of wrong number calls.  After several weeks of this I started asking people the number they were calling, and that’s where the weirdness comes in.

(For illustration, this isn’t my number, don’t call).  My number is (817) 555-1234’ all the wrong number calls are for (555) 123-4xxx.  For some reason the Bell system forgets my area code and drops in the middle three as my area code.

After about 10 calls from one person we figured out a fix, having the wrong number dialer enter a 1 before they dialed, and they’d get the number they were dialing.  I suppose the good news is there’s only about 1,000 wrong number combinations I could get…

I have asked AT&T to look into it (to his credit the tech I spoke with realized it’s not something amenable to the first-level tech script, and spared me that), but I haven’t seen a change and haven’t heard back from them.

Other than getting a new number from AT&T, any ideas?