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ACEP’s Letter to the Editor

ACEP’s president wrote a letter to the editor of the Washington Times, but apparently meant it for President Obama.  It’s good, but one paragraph must’ve gotten mangled in the printing:

…We cannot have a complete conversation about health care reform without focusing on the need to shore up emergency departments across this country. They are vastly overcrowded and have provided too few mandates and too few resources. The problem is only getting worse as this economic crisis deepens.

Too few mandates isn’t the problem.  I think it should have read ‘…have been given too many mandates but not enough resources…” which makes more sense than a complaint there aren’t enough mandates (there are).

The writer is completely correct otherwise.

Google Map Fail

Newsflash: you cannot believe everything on the internet!



Yes, that’s really what appeared.  I moved it over to get the screen cap, but that’s the only change.