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BBC NEWS | Health | Steaming hot tea linked to cancer

From the ‘life causes cancer’ files:

BBC NEWS | Health | Steaming hot tea linked to cancer
Drinking steaming hot tea has been linked with an increased risk of oesophageal (food tube) cancer, Iranian scientists have found.

The British Medical Journal study found that drinking black tea at temperatures of 70C or higher increased the risk.

70C = 158F.  Are they sure it’s cancer and not burns?  Yikes.

A commotio cordis survivor

Star-Telegram.comNORTH RICHLAND HILLS — Austin Miller has no memory of his teammate’s knee smacking into his chest as they ran for a pop fly during a softball game.

Commotio cordis.


Lucky guy!  He received intentional hypothermia after his resuscitation, and I wonder how much that contributed to his neurologic recovery.

Galen’s Log is back

Galen’s Log
It’s been four years since I left blogging. Time and energy were limited, and as part of a larger medical group I felt constrained in my ability to write candidly, despite my anonymity.

My situation has changed, and there is certainly no paucity of blogging topics.

He used to be terrific, then left us.  Looks like he’s writing better than ever.  Will revive from the Dead Blogs.