A pestle-packin’ marshal hits town (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus)

A pestle-packin’ marshal hits town (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus)
He cracked drug crime, arrested armed villains and won a medal for valour. Every day he got tooled up with two .45 automatic revolvers and sometimes took along a pump-action shotgun.

It’s a good story, and I like it.  Unfortunately it was written by someone who thinks a .45 automatic is a revolver.  Aah, well.

Layers of editors and fact-checking.


  1. To be honest in the UK I think you’d be doing extremely well to find an editor who even knew there might be a difference between a revolver, a pistol and a rifle. Guns just aren’t part of law-abiding life here.

  2. TheNewGuy says:

    .45 Automatic revolvers?

    Hmm… must be a new model.

  3. He had worked at the embassy in London. A Marine?

  4. They actually make a revolver for 45 ACP, such a S&W 625. Very popular gun in competition due to being able to reload quickly, using moonclips. However, it does sound stupid as most .45s are semi autos.

  5. Doug Sundseth says:

    Well, some (all?) Gatling guns fired 45/70 rounds, and I think you could fairly call them “revolvers”, so “.45 automatic revolver” would seem to work for them. But it would be a bit difficult to “pack” two of them.

    Although … maybe in the sense of “pack howitzers”? There was a Gatling model intended for use from camel-back; have you noticed a sudden paucity of camels in Fort Worth?


  6. as a card carrying member of the much-hated MSM, I can say 95% of people in newsrooms HERE would only know the difference from movies. I had a reporter talk about a robber shooting bullets from a shotgun once. And she said it live on TV…. oooopppps