Is there a doctor in the house?: And I was doing so well

Is there a doctor in the house?: And I was doing so well
Just so you know, I had a really great post planned. It was about how I was doing so well lately….

This is the best written doctor blog on the internet, because it’s raw and real.  (I think).  It’s also like watching an accident happen, except it’s not an accident.  It’s painful, and moving.

Safe for work, but maybe not your psyche.


  1. You’re right, GD…. Reading her posts are like being hit in the solar plexus over and over again.

    She’s an incredible writer. Thanks for putting this up.

  2. TheNewGuy says:

    She needs to change the locks, and buy a gun. Do they not have anti-stalking laws in her state?

    She’s being stalked by a mentally unstable ex who has already proven that he’s capable of violence, and she’d better do something about it before she turns into a statistic.

    Yes… I’m absolutely serious.

  3. Aerospace Genius says:

    I agree with TheNewGuy, but only if the author has what it takes to prevent the gun from being taken away from her. Armed body guards, preferably a close friend or two, might be a better option given the author’s current state.

  4. While my gut reaction is to go with the gun, I’d reconsider and go with something nonlethal, pepper spray, whatever – just not a gun. A burly guy friend who knows aikido, krav maga, or any technique for disarming and immobilizing an armed foe.

    While I’m pretty happy to have moved from Texas to get away from mouthbreathing goons like Rick Perry, Tom Craddick, Don McLeroy, Bob Perry, Jim Leininger and the rest of the horrid pack, there’s something from Texas that says stand up for yourself, be strong, keep safe, and don’t let the bastards win. Left, Right, Republican, Democrat – we shouldn’t tolerate bullshit like this. Cops don’t want to help? Fine, find a bunch of right-thinking guys to surveil this tard and do an NHL number on his kneecaps if he persists. “Boy needed killin'” is still a defense in Texas and while that doesn’t register with those above the Mason-Dixon line (mainly because they don’t need it, northern people being a bit more civil & all) – if the cops are going to sit on their hands, someone’s got to provide the social pressure on the ex-whatever to bugger off. Speaking as a pantywaist northern-type intellectual, if a good calm but direct talking-to doesn’t get him to stop, and the cops won’t lift a finger, one has to make the choice between law and justice.

    And as much as this sounds like the plot to every Chuck Norris movie, there’s an unfortunate bit of truth to it. Do we let the innocent be victimized or not? Is this the society we want to live in or not? Rarely does the rule of law fail us. In those cases we have to do what we can to preserve ourselves, our loved ones, our way of life. In the conflict between vigilantism and hand-wringing inaction, I think of my old boss, a lawyer, sysadmin, and ex-Army diver. He had a wickedly pragmatic outlook on life, one which I take to heart whenever my vigilante or hand-wringing law-abiding ‘liberal’ side gets too active. Do what needs to be done and no more. Don’t kill a man when a talking-to would suffice; don’t suffer a bully because words don’t stop him. Where the balance lies, I don’t know, but if this woman’s peace is more valuable than that of the aggressor, do the minimum required to get him to buzz off. She can’t do it alone. As humans, we have to stick together.

    Apologies for the florid prose and Heinlein outlook. This shit bugs me.

  5. I don’t get it…where’s the restraining order?? My husbands x managed to get one on him when she had no contact in over 7 months and we lived 2 states away just because her delusional mind thought he may be stalking her with no real evidence.

    Doc in the House has more than enough amo to go to court and get one…maybe because of her internship she simply does not have the time or energy to get it done?

  6. Thanks GD, I needed a pick-me-up and you provided.
    Safe and secure,