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Fort Worth will get a ship

But it’ll never visit.  Probably won’t call or write, either.

Star-Telegram.comThe Navy announced Friday that Fort Worth will get its ship.

After a years-long campaign by U.S. Rep. Kay Granger, R-Fort Worth, civic leaders and schoolchildren, the nation’s next littoral combat ship will be christened the USS Fort Worth, announced Navy Secretary Donald Winter.

LCS ships aren’t sexy like Carriers or battleships, but it’s pretty nice to know Fort Worth will be all over the ocean.

(Yes, I know they’re not making BB’s any more and that the CVN’s are all named after Presidents now.  It was just conversation).

It turs out, you can smell fear.

From Rice University, “Fear-related Chemosignals Modulate the Recognition of Fear in Ambiguous Facial Expressions”:

Chen’s conclusion is consistent with what’s been found with processing emotions in both the face and the voice. There, an emotion from one sense modulates how the same emotion is perceived in another sense, especially when the signal to the latter sense is ambiguous.

The article says something about this being ‘unsuspected’, which is goofy, but the rest is very interesting.

My day at First Tuesday

This past Tuesday I traded off a shift, drove to Austin to participate in my first First Tuesday, a Texas Medicine ongoing effort to have Texas docs (and their TMA Affiliate spouses)  meet Texas Legislators.

Short version: I had fun, there were a lot of members there (I think they said 240, which is the biggest number yet), Texas Legislators are smart and personable, and I may do it again.

We met at TMA HQ, 3 blocks from the State Capitol, at a bright 7AM.  There were welcoming addresses from the TMA Affiliate President (from Fort Worth), the TMA President (from Bryan), and then a presentation from the real lobbyists about the major issues we were being asked to present to the legislators.  Frankly, all this was news to me, so it was interesting and educational.

We had an amusing and excellent ‘How to be a Lobbyist’ presentation, then divided into groups to go politic.  I went with 1/2 of my county group, walked over, and met with a Senator’s legislative assistant, and 4 representatives.  Even the one who said he was going to vote against us on one issue was very pleasant about it, and the much more experienced politickers said politely we’d agree to disagree.

Then we went to the House Chamber, to be recognized by the House. Unfortunately, after about an hour and ten minutes we realized it wasn’t going to happen (the first hour of the session is dedicated to just such announcements).  So, off the the Senate chamber, where we barely got in time, then were recognized by Senator Nelson, then had a big group picture, and it’s lunch time.

I was, by then, exhausted.  I’d been on a string of nights, getting up at 0530 was the equivalent of time travel for me, so I got the lovely wife from the hotel, and napped on the ride home.

It amazes me that there were that many Texas docs from all over the State who took off  at least a day to present the agenda of Texas Medicine, and Texas Patients.  Good for them!

Tundra Medicine Dreams: Coming to an End

Tundra Medicine Dreams: Coming to an End
And so, for now, so long. May you each and every one go well.

Thanks, TMD, for the excellent blog.  I hope you find something that lights your creative writing fire soon.

Movin’ Meat: Modern Healthcare vs ER Docs

Movin’ Meat: Modern Healthcare vs ER Docs
May you be fortunate in your enemies, the old saying goes.

Shadowfax is En Flambe!  Wow.  I wish I’d seen it first, but I might not have been as polite and well mannered as he.

I may need to adjust my cellphone plan


USB-based PHRs are Dumb Idea « Chilmark Research

USB-based PHRs are Dumb Idea « Chilmark Research

We have commented many times before that the whole idea of a USB-based (thumbdrive) PHR is simply a dumb idea.

Read the post to see why they think that.

Our joint has disabled the USB ports on the boxes, so I don’t know what we’d do if a patient presented us with a USB PHR.

via symtym via twitter.

One reason I love my ISP

They’re very good, and my connection is pretty good, too:


Yee hah.