Running a hospital: Maybe two out of three?

Running a hospital: Maybe two out of three?

Dr. Levy has a good analysis here, coupled with the Mass. experiment.  (I didn’t know costs went up)!


  1. Hey grunt doc. Looks like we are both ER docs. Greetings. I am on the east coast.

    And you are absolutely correct, costs did go up as I have posted on my own blog.

    But it is much more difficult than even Paul Levy’s post suggests, as you have to realize there already a strong suggestion (to be fair it is only a suggestion) that every additional dollar the US spends on health care actually causes A REDUCTION in median national mortality (as I also pointed out in my blog).

    Most of the liberal health care blogs I read fail to address this fundamental fact when they suggest we can solve our problem if we throw a little more money at the problem (as if that ever works). If the suggestion is correct, which people are they willing to throw under the train in order to achieve their goal?


  2. Sorry a reduction in median national LONGEVITY… too many overnight shifts lately ;-)