Texas College of Emergency Physicians

Texas College of Emergency Physicians has a new website, it’s good looking and easy to navigate.

They sent me a temporary login and temp password, so I went to fill in the information.  I didn’t finish.  Way too many ‘required’ fields in their registration section.  It’s really none of their business what hospital I’m practicing at, but I’d have to fill all of that in, with phone numbers and zip codes, to be an online member.

Not today.


  1. TheNewGuy says:

    Hmmmm… Everybody seems to want too much personal information. If they ask for too much, I simply decline to register and don’t patronize their site.

    I’m surprised they’d do this. Most of my EM colleagues are prickly about their privacy, mostly due to the clientele that we service. You’d think an EM organization would be sensitive to that.

    I’d guess their web-geeks did this and didn’t realize how it would come across.

  2. Mule Breath says:

    TCEP. Sounds too much like tea sip.

    Gig ’em