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In case you thought Nationalized Health would take the lawyers out of it…

Times OnlineLAWYERS are earning £800 an hour from the National Health Service and taking “indefensible” fees of tens of millions of pounds in legal disputes. The money is coming from a government scheme intended to compensate patients for medical blunders and inadequate care, an investigation has found.

The compensation lawyers are claiming costs and “success fees” worth about £100m a year out of the scheme. In some cases the payouts claimed are 10 times more than the damages won by the patient.

Health professionals warn that it could get much more expensive. There is an estimated backlog of cases against the NHS amounting to £12 billion in claims, of which lawyers could get up to £6 billion.

Looks like the docs aren’t sued directly; I’m for compensating victims of actual malpractice, but it’s interesting the lawyers still manage to get al least half.


Hat Tip: Overlawyered.

Pick your friends well

Other night, two dudes were rather unceremoniously dumped on our ambulance ramp.  They were, reportedly, not breathing very effectively, thought to be due to ingestion of some substance or another.

Dude who ‘dropped off’ his fellows walked into the ER waiting room, went to the vending machines, got a snack, and left.  Didn’t talk to anyone.

With friends like these…