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What to do when you get a leech on your eye

Per our Australasian colleagues:

The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine has reported the first case of a leech being safely removed from a human eye.

A 66-year-old woman from Sydney’s north was gardening in March last year when she flicked soil into her left eye.

Doctors at the Hospital removed the leech from beneath her upper eyelid using a 3 per cent saline solution.

Read the very short article to get the story.  Try not to think about a leech being stuck to your own eye.

Now you know.  Also, try not to think about having a leech stuck to your own eye.

How scarce is ammo?


It’s so scarce it’s essentially a futures commodity now…These are prices for delivery in October.  It’s April.

This is from Sportsmans’  If you don’t have ammo by now you have some decisions to make.

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This is for the bio majors, and those to be…

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4.19.1995 | Homeland Security Watch

4.19.1995 | Homeland Security Watch

14 years since Oklahoma City.  The above link brings it back home for me.