How scarce is ammo?


It’s so scarce it’s essentially a futures commodity now…These are prices for delivery in October.  It’s April.

This is from Sportsmans’  If you don’t have ammo by now you have some decisions to make.


  1. TheNewGuy says:

    What strikes me most about the ammo shortage is that it seems to be more pronounced in the pistol calibers.

    Unless that’s due to a great disparity in manufacturing capacity, that’s a bit counter-intuitive to me. Pistols are not a good primary weapon for all sorts of reasons. If you’re down to your pistol to save your skin, you’re either in way over your head, or you’ve badly miscalculated somewhere along the way.

    Thankfully rifle ammunition is still available if you look around.

  2. Finnan Haddie says:

    This is a manufactured shortage. Just wait a bit & prices will drop once people get over the silly panic that the Obama administration is going to take away all their guns. The Dems don’t dare, for fear of alienating too many gun owners in states that only recently went blue. Can’t maintain their grip on Congress if those states go red next election, and no one on either side of the aisle wants to alienate the NRA & all the voters it can mobilize.

  3. TheNewGuy says:

    You weren’t around in 1994, were you Finnan?

    After watching what happened to my hobby back then, I personally don’t begrudge any regular shooter keeping a stock of ammunition, magazines, and parts on hand. I watched some of those thing triple in price under the last democratic president… some were virtually impossible to get.

    Those of us who were gun owners back then remember the nasty, viotriolic campaign that was waged in pursuit of the 1994 ban, and thus far I can’t say I’m impressed with the way the current administration and its supporters are treating their political opponents; it’s far shabbier than honest conservative dissenters deserve.

  4. You’re in Texas. Can’t you just waltz across Texas and buy back some ammo that’s been smuggled to Mexico for use in the drug wars? I agree with Finnan. It’s a manufactured shortage to excite the survivalist types.

  5. In Houston – this weekend. Couldn’t find 40cal for any amount of money. Have any good friends who are re-loaders?? ;-)

  6. doc Russia says:

    Since you brought it up, Pamela, how has gun control worked out for Mexico, anyway?

    Common rifle calibers are also hard to get a hold of, as well. That is, 7.62×39, 5.56, and others are hard to get, except for the high end, expensive loadings that run a buck and a half a round.
    Personally, I have 2K rounds of ammo on backorder. I also have a few hundred bucks worth of parts on backorder.
    I have never seen anything like this before.

    I may have to get into reloading just to feed my habit.