Prologue « Ten out of Ten

Prologue « Ten out of Ten
…So I’ve come a long way, surviving this adolescent growth spurt, with most of my teen angst now behind me. But it’s funny how life works, just as you find one career obstacle safely in your rearview mirror, another one pops up unexpectedly in front of you. And once again I found myself in unfamiliar territory, flying by the seat of my pants, trying to make the right decisions. It’s a long story that I’ll break up over a series of upcoming posts.

Start here, and read the follow-ons.  It’s The Nightmare for independent EM groups.


  1. Of the various things I have learned about related matters, it’s that you need to wield power when you have it, although not unfairly, not ruthlessly. Beware of “gentlemen’s agreements”, where nothing is written down, only “good faith” rules, since good faith quickly can become bad.
    We’re in some contractual negotiations right now, which I may or may not blog about — have to be concerned about improper disclosure. Suffice it to say that when you get the lawyers involved, begin to peruse the legal terminology in this or that contract, or subcontract, you need to keep the headlights on and your mind focused.