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Washington adventure day 1 evening and day 2

Got to Washington, met up with two other classmates and had a nice dinner. We then walked Washington in the evening, seeing the outside of the White House, Washington Monument, WWII monument, Lincoln Memorial (which has been rededicated earlier in the day) then went to the hotel.
My hotel is very nice and is obviously on the main drag to the GWU ED, meaning sirens all night long. Not a restful night.
Sunday the whole class got together for a briefing on the schedule of events and the ‘order of battle’. It was politely pointed out that this is a ‘how policy is made’ seminar, and that the people we’re here to see care not a whit what we think, we’re here to learn how and why they do what they do. Actually I like that, keeping this from devolving into unwinnable arguments and internecine warfare.
Rumor has it Senator Kennedy is to present his Health Care Plan, which has been kept under close hold and not leaked, to date.
This evening we ate at Bob’s Chili Bowl (a local landmark), saw the African American Civil War Memorial then took the Metro to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. Wonderful memorial, and its designer is quite a genius. Beautiful.
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My Washington Adventure Part the first.

I am at DFW waiting for my flight to Washington, DC. I’m one of 40 students from UTDallas going for a week of meetings with policy makers of all stripes.

We’re told these talks are under “Chatham House Rules” (which means off the record, but I need to look up the reference see the link) so I won’t be going into detail on who said what. I do intend to share the insights I can that interest me.

Stay Tuned.

I’m not dead…

Just my hard drive crashed. I’m in the midst of a prolonged restoration project.

No data lost, but a lot of re-installation, etc. – Handheld ultrasound gets FDA approval – Handheld ultrasound gets FDA approval
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Startup Signostics got approval Tuesday (May 19) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ship what it claims is the world’s smallest ultrasound device. The company describes its pocket-sized, half-pound Signos that sells for about $4,000 as a visual stethoscope and hopes it will someday become as omnipresent as the signature doctor’s tool.

I’d love to try one out for a few shifts. We use sonography a lot in our ED, and having it even more poratble / readily available would be a benefit.

Thanks to reader Don for the tip!

M.D.O.D.: An Answer to Hugh Hewitt

M.D.O.D.: An Answer to Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is a popular radio talk show host, an accomplished academic within the legal profession, a keen political commentator, and an evangelical Christian. He has dedicated this week on his show to physician callers, and asks, in short, what the hell we are doing sitting on our hands while Obama and his cohorts push to completely wreck the best medical system in the world, and thereby, our livelihoods.

I have an answer and it’s hopefully not going to come off as an excuse. It is quite simple,

And you’ll have to go there to read it. Nice work!

Kevin, MD says hello.

I had an IM session with him just now. His blog migration is taking longer than planned, he hopes to be back up and running by Monday at the latest.

Hugh Hewitt: Docs, get off your tails or get run over…
Which unfortunately may be too late to save American medicine if the doctors don’t stop complaining and actually start doing something. Again at last night’s forum in Atlanta –where I shared the stage with Bill Bennett, Dennis Prager and guest moderator Jonah Goldberg– I met a number of doctors, and had a chance for a decent length conversation with three in particular, … Not one of these five specialists had contacted even one friendly Representative or Senator much less a Democrat, and in this political lethargy they are representative of the profession.

I stipulate that doctors are very busy and very hard-working and that an 80 to a 100 hour work week isn’t unusual. The doctors I spoke to yesterday are very well informed about politics, know the dangers of the “government option,” and are looking for a way to join the fray. But the problem is they are waiting for someone to organize them.

I don’t know much about the AAPS. I do know that docs give a LOT less to pols than do plaintiffs’ attorneys, and that disparity disadvantages us.

Hugh’s exactly right about docs wanting someone to organize them. Most docs have all the fight in them of a tree sloth.

American Thinker Blog: Airman saves airliner

American Thinker Blog: Airman saves airliner

Sgt. Bacleda stayed behind in San Francisco to speak with authorities. The following day, the airline flew him back to Tokyo, first class. An honor richly deserved, I would say.

The men and women who serve America in the Armed Services are America’s best and brightest, despite prevailing attitudes on campus.

Hoo Rah, or whatever the Fly-Boys say.

Snark aside, BZ from this Grunt helping Squid!

TCU nursing student ‘steps up’ during in-flight emergency | Fort Worth |

TCU nursing student ‘steps up’ during in-flight emergency | Fort Worth |

Good on ‘ya, Nursing Student Joslin!

AMA – New AMA Collaboration With Physician Blogger

AMA – New AMA Collaboration With Physician Blogger

KevinMD: Blogger, editorialist, and now so important Organized Medicine needs him to get their message out. Way to go, Dr. Pho!

Happy Birthday to me

46 today. Don’t feel a day over 45.

Fort Worth soldier’s, um, boxers make him famous | Fort Worth |

Fort Worth soldier’s, um, boxers make him famous | Fort Worth |
Army Spec. Zachary Boyd, a 2007 graduate of Keller Central High School, was in his sleeping quarters this week when the Taliban attacked in the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan. Boyd rushed to a defensive position clad in his helmet, vest and boxers — the pink ones decorated with the “I Love NY” slogan.

Dude’s from Fort Worth. “I Love NY” Boxers. Geez.

Thank you for your service. Get some Texas undies.

Medicare is going to bankrupt us, which is why we need universal health care – Megan McArdle

Medicare is going to bankrupt us, which is why we need universal health care – Megan McArdle
Perhaps predictibly, someone showed up in the comments to my post on Medicare and Social Security to argue that liberal analysts have very serious plans to cut Medicare’s costs, which is why we need universal coverage, so that we can implement those very serious plans.

I hear this argument quite often, and it’s gibberish in a prom dress.

Sing it, sister.

ERNursey – An ER Nurse’s Blog: This is why we are failing

ERNursey – An ER Nurse’s Blog: This is why we are failing

Nice rant. This talk of socializing healthcare really is bringing us all together, isn’t it?

» Lead Story » mouth to mouth regurgitation.

» Lead Story » mouth to mouth regurgitation.

Pretty much why I’m glad mouth to mouth is fading from the CPR algorithms for first responders….