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Hugh Hewitt: Docs, get off your tails or get run over…
Which unfortunately may be too late to save American medicine if the doctors don’t stop complaining and actually start doing something. Again at last night’s forum in Atlanta –where I shared the stage with Bill Bennett, Dennis Prager and guest moderator Jonah Goldberg– I met a number of doctors, and had a chance for a decent length conversation with three in particular, … Not one of these five specialists had contacted even one friendly Representative or Senator much less a Democrat, and in this political lethargy they are representative of the profession.

I stipulate that doctors are very busy and very hard-working and that an 80 to a 100 hour work week isn’t unusual. The doctors I spoke to yesterday are very well informed about politics, know the dangers of the “government option,” and are looking for a way to join the fray. But the problem is they are waiting for someone to organize them.

I don’t know much about the AAPS. I do know that docs give a LOT less to pols than do plaintiffs’ attorneys, and that disparity disadvantages us.

Hugh’s exactly right about docs wanting someone to organize them. Most docs have all the fight in them of a tree sloth.