– Handheld ultrasound gets FDA approval – Handheld ultrasound gets FDA approval
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Startup Signostics got approval Tuesday (May 19) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ship what it claims is the world’s smallest ultrasound device. The company describes its pocket-sized, half-pound Signos that sells for about $4,000 as a visual stethoscope and hopes it will someday become as omnipresent as the signature doctor’s tool.

I’d love to try one out for a few shifts. We use sonography a lot in our ED, and having it even more poratble / readily available would be a benefit.

Thanks to reader Don for the tip!


  1. How do you prevent it from getting stolen?

  2. I have read that celebrities that are expecting are purchasing these at will, so they can track their own babies progress. I am not sure if they realize there is a science to ultrasounds, and the training is somewhat intense, but it must be the new “in” thing as the celebs decide to become parents.