Happy Birthday to me

46 today. Don’t feel a day over 45.


  1. Happy Birthday Young Man!

  2. Giuseppe Cunsolo says:

    Happy b-day!

  3. Mrs. Fred says:

    The pholks wish you a very happy day!

  4. Steve Lucas says:

    Congrats. As someone a little older I can tell you the best is yet to come and growing old is not for wimps. You will understand someday. All the best.

    Steve Lucas

  5. I think the phrase “The Prime of Life” is most useful at our place in life.

    One sign of being in “The Prime”: When using a mirror, you think to yourself “I look pretty good…compared to XXXX (some old friend/shipmate/schoomate). Rather than the youthful hubris of “I look pretty good”.

    Best Wishes

    Glen Weaver

  6. Beary Potter says:

    Your birthday’s here.
    Let’s give a cheer.
    So toast with cola and cake!
    May your wishes come true.
    May great things happen for you
    May you easily blow out those candles, for goodness sake!
    Love ya!