What ED’s look like



So typical a colleague remarked on it.


  1. Yup. Definitely a familiar site. Sometimes the back of my ambulance looks like that, too….

    Thanks for putting this one up, GD. Reminds me of what I’ll be going back to when I get clearance.

  2. I’m guessing stabbing.

  3. Actually, someone DC’d their own IV (which is why the blood looks thin…)

  4. TheNewGuy says:

    Uhh… what?

  5. NewGuy: I deleted the post you ?whatted?

    Spammers are trying to contaminate the filters by dropping their keywords in without links (I think). They read more or less like sentences but always have some commercial keyword in them.

    I’m deleting them as soon as I find ’em.

  6. Oh yeah….THAT place. (The place whose door I will never darken again secondary to burnout…)

  7. Pinnacle Security says:

    No, syncope needs to be seen in an emergency room setting as soon as possible. The ER staff needs to determine what caused the drop in BP and correct the BP if it has not corrected itself. The pt needs to be placed on a cardiac monitor and at least observed for a few hours. Labs also need to be drawn, and medications may need to be given.

  8. TheNewGuy says:

    Think of syncope as a mini-version of sudden cardiac death… and work it up as most of us would approach a potential life-threat.

  9. That’s a different brand of collar. Almost all see-through… cool.

  10. NYnurse says:

    I KNEW that was from a pt ripping out his IV!! It’s in just the right spot on the stretcher.

  11. Umm looks pretty patriotic to me..red…white…blue…. :}

  12. That’s not even that bad. recently a friend of mine cracked a chest. Got so covered in blood she had to change her scrubs. All the way down to the underwear. Think about it, so covered with someone else’s blood you’ve soaked through your undeerwear. Ughhhh….

  13. nurse di says:

    First thing I thought was, I’ve seen alot, alot, alot worse!