Archives for June 18, 2009

NYT Opinion: “Doctors’ Pay, a Key to Health Care Reform”

The by-line reads “The Editors” but it’s actually a compilation of Short editorials, two of which are by medical bloggers!  One is the usual suspect, Kevin, MD, and the other is Shadowfax from Movin’ Meat (his real name and a picture with hair is at the NYT).

They’re all good, and all presuppose that the system can be fixed without fundamentally changing the way people (patients) buy their healthcare.

Let patients see the menu, with the prices.  Let hospitals, doctors, and vendors compete, out in the open.  Lift the veil of secrecy about what company x pays vs y, and let’s let the rational consumer decide what they want to spend.  I would trust the wisdom of purchasers over those of government rule-makers every day.