A.M.A. Opposes Government-Sponsored Health Plan – NYTimes.com

A.M.A. Opposes Government-Sponsored Health Plan – NYTimes.com

Wow. I really didn’t see that coming. I may have to hold my nose and join the AMA…


  1. Don’t do it Gruntdoc!!!! It will take more than this to prove that the AMA is not still run by a majority of Left Wing fanatics. I will wait and see.

  2. Glad to see I’m not the only malcontent to drop out of our “union”, the AMA. I too have had fleeting thoughts of re-joining since their recent announcement.

  3. You know, the AMA’s always been a big supporter of the Republican party — just look at their donation history. Even in the Democratic Senate of 2008 they still backed more Reps than Dems. So if your politics trend right, they’ve always had your back…

  4. Hmm, that’s NOT the AMA I remember…

  5. It is not the AMA we knew in med school or residency. Only very recently have they donated slightly more to the right. Historically they have been way too liberal for my taste. I am waiting to see how they stand up to the left wingers. If they stand strong I just might consider joining, just maybe.

  6. TheNewGuy says:

    It’s a trap.

    They’ve supported too much liberal puke over the years to earn my trust with this little head-fake.

  7. Goatwhacker says:

    It looks like the AMA is OK with a public health plan as long as it’s not mandatory for physicians to participate. That’s a huge issue for us office physicians but will be a moot point for ER docs.

  8. baingandabhartha says:

    Oh i think we should leave healthcare alone and let healthcare expenditure run this country into the ground while we call each other weird names, posture based on right or left wing ideals and feel superior….all the same time teetering on the brink of bankruptcy from just one complicated illness in the breadwinner in the family, letting insurance companies skim 20% off the top. Sounds good!