On Pseudonymity – Transterrestrial Musings

On Pseudonymity – Transterrestrial Musings
I would also say that I agree that there is an important distinction between pseudonymous and anonymous blogging. The former establishes an identity and a reputation that must be both established, and upheld.

While a lot of people know who I am in reality, I still like the pseudonymous blog persona. I think if you’re trying to sell something, or want to be a consultant (same thing, really…) having your name right out there in front is probably the way to go. I have nothing to sell (except ad space, and I’ve been quite a failure at that).

I still personally encourage people new to blogging to do it under a Pen Name, because everything on the internet is now archived forever, or until the power goes out. If you like it and your mom thinks you’re good at it, announce your presence! Be bold!

Just don’t think you can be bold because you’re anonymous. You’re not. (Neither am I, but this is not a call for an outing…).


  1. Jack Coupal says:

    Being able to comment anonymously to a blog post seems to empower some people to go berserk.

    The cussing and flaming from such folks adds nothing to a discussion. Readers ignore the rant and move on to the sane comments.

    If the ranter feels he’s gotten his point across, it’s a win-win situation for ranter and blogger. One of them is wrong big-time.

  2. Yeah, apparently there’s no secrets in the world anymore. I used to blog anonymously because I was working as a nurse. Now I blog anonymously because I’m not…. shudder….politically correct.