Paging Dr. Flea

The Trial Of A WhiteCoat – Part 1 « WhiteCoat’s Call Room
The Trial Of A WhiteCoat – Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts I’m going to do about my malpractice trial.
Names and minor facts about the patient and his family have been changed.
Everything else is the real deal.


Am I wrong to want an intervention here? Okay, it’s his career, but, for the Love of God man, stop. Tell us all about it after it’s over.


  1. Wow, does he know the story of Flea and the malpractice trial?

  2. I would think this is a pretty smart guy, from the interactions I have had with him. I doubt he is doing this in real time. His writings might be exactly what was happening at the moment, with his feelings on it and events as they unfolded, but I’d be very surprised if it’s anything like what happened with Flea.

  3. This case is over, not like Flea’s. And presumably he won’t be as arrogant as Flea to the other parties in his posts.

  4. I was appalled by the passivity and incompetence of Dr. Flea’s lawyer. Even if he knew nothing about the blog, he should have asked for a recess to find out to what the plaintiff lawyer was referring. Once the plaintiff lawyer brought in this prejudicial but irrelevant activity, he should have asked for a mistrial and all legal costs to her personal assets.


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