Washington Adventure day 3

The sirens never stop here.

Today we had a series of lectures, ranging from the mildly to hyper liberal about healthcare policy, lobbying and reform. Interesting insight, and they’re all pretty sure heath care reform will pass, in some form. (Which is really really hopeful since there’s not even a framework bill out there to start with).

All we heard from are heartened that the big players that helped torpedo HC reform in the Clinton years are currently sitting at the table. They’re well aware that if too big a chunk is taken out of any of the players they can very quickly switch from participant to opponent.

I’m learning a lot about the process, and look forward to tomorrows’ talks.


  1. 85% of Washington DC traffic consists of motorcades with police escorts, in my experience. That’s why the sirens never stop. Either that or you’re staying in a *really* bad hotel.

    You gonna meet up with Dr Val while you’re there? She’s a nice lady, and has awesome taste in restuarants…

  2. Our time is super tight, so not this trip.

    I’m in a very nice hotel, unfortunately just a few blocks from GWU’s ED.

  3. We do the software for GWU’s Emergency Department (PulseCheck) and when we put it in we saw some amazing things. It’s a great ED, but they see 100,000 patients plus per year, and handle an ambulance every 8 minutes, a trauma about every 17 minutes.

    You should stop by the place and meet Dr. Shesser, he’s a great guy, and I’m sure he’d be happy to show you the place.


  4. Jack Coupal says:

    Those “sirens” near the ED are a figment of your imagination. or jetlag.

    Handguns are very much prohibited in the DC.

  5. nurse 1961 says:

    Have told anyone that you are an ED doc?

  6. This is going to happen because the big companies want free of their healthcare responsibilities.