Why does Apple suck at this so badly?

Today was the much anticipated roll-out of the new iPhone, and the newest OS for the iPhones (3.0).

It was entirely foreseeable there would be enormous demand for both.  Again, they’re unprepared.  (This was after enough tries I realized it wasn’t going to work today).

iphone_nonactivate Makes me wonder at their strategy.

Update: worked perfectly today (one day after the above).  Cannot tell a huge improvement, except the landscape mail view is more than welcome.


  1. Yeesh! Guess I won’t try installing this thing tonight….

  2. My guess is that they’re simply not willing to invest in a massive permanent upgrade to their server farm to prevent temporary customer inconvenience once every year or so when they roll out a new iPhone.

  3. I feel your pain.

    It took me about 8 or 9 tries over about an hour.

    I finally got it to upgrade (only to learn that ATT doesn’t support multimedia messaging “until late summer”- I HATE when I don’t read the fine print!)

  4. That’s what “cloud computing” is for. Apple could rent space on Amazon’s or Google’s cloud to handle the temporary surge in demand. But it’s Apple – something like that might be against their religion.

  5. Storkdoc says:

    Worked for me on the 1st try. Took 6 minutes to download and about 10 minutes to install. Did it at 6 pm CST yesterday. I guess I’m one lucky ob.