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RealClearPolitics – Socialized Medicine? Bring It On

Sometimes you can see the trees, and think it’s a forest:

RealClearPolitics – Socialized Medicine? Bring It On

In the last two months, I have spent many hours accompanying a loved one to hospital emergency rooms — all of them privately operated. The rap on what is sometimes called socialized medicine is that if the government ran the system, the wait would be interminable. Well, I am here to tell you that even when the government does not run the system, the wait can be interminable.

This presumes that a “Privately Operated” ED isn’t essentially a government operation.

That presumption is incorrect.  The future of Government Medicine is presaged with EMTALA, and the ED.  No market, no choices -> your local ED.  No competition beyond billboards and ‘customer satisfaction surveys’.

I’m not making light of their very average care, and I’m sorry about it, but the  entirely unsupportable claim that ED care inside a pure government monopoly is evidence that we need to send all medicine off the cliff is a) silly and b) totally unsupported by current data.

“I had some average care, so let’s socialize medicine”.  Umm, no.

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