Doctor Charles is back!

It’s time to start writing again.

After a two year hiatus, I’m reopening the examining room. It’s dusty in here, I apologize. Some of you might remember me, others not.

I thought he would be back, though a two year hiatus meant he was out a lot longer than I thought he would be.

For those new to Dr. Charles, you’re in for a treat.  An excellent blogger, with a truly literary writing style.  I’d encourage you to add him to your RSS readers or your daily reads.


  1. He is really gifted. It’s hard to write in a literary manner in the blog context and he does a nice job of achieving it.

  2. Link?

  3. Dang.

    I’ll update the post as soon as I can.

  4. I took your advice and checked him out.

    Thanks for pointing him out.

    He’s no Dr. Grumpy, but he’s definitely well worth the read.

    I left him what I think was quite a complimentary comment.

  5. You know I was pulling your chain-

    link tp my comment

    “I found that in writing about medicine, I was a better doctor for it. The poetry of people’s lives, their loves, ills, and struggles was more easily perceived and appreciated. In writing about the ever-improving body of medical knowledge, I stayed better informed. In writing about my life in medicine, I sustained my energies in a healing art that has existed for as long as people have felt pain and tried to help one another with it. The reflective moment, embodied in the art, analysis, and literature we create, brings light to our present endeavors.”

    Anybody who writes as eloquently as this deserves an attaboy or three…