Don’t tick off people with talent

United is wishing they’d thought of that…


  1. Here’s the link to the back story, for those interested.

    [GD – Thanks Scanman!]

  2. CardioNP says:

    I recently flew United. Part of the trip was via an “affiliated” airline with United written prominently on the plane. On the last leg I was waiting in the terminal next to the pilot of my flight. We had been waiting for a long time with no explanation as to the delay. He actually told me the two airlines were not really united, thus the breakdown in communications.
    Like Dave Carroll, if I have other options, driving included, I’ll chose them over United Airlines.

  3. Jabulani says:

    So funny! Thanks for sharing. I’ll choose my airlines carefully next time I fly to US. So far, I’ve managed to eliminate NorthWest, Continental and, now, United. Hmm, who does that leave then…?

  4. True United/United Express story:

    My wife and I flew to Hong Kong for Lunar New Year in 2003. As is common practice with tourists who go there we bought stuff– albeit NICE stuff– like jade, pearls, antique ceramics and the like, and for our return trip, had our carryon bags full of these purchases, as one does not like to entrust valuables to the tender mercies of the baggage compartment.

    On the last leg of the trip home, we are informed that we cannot take our carryons on the plane and must “gate check” them instead.

    For a while there, I thought that my wife was going to refuse to board the aircraft without her carryon, but fatigue overruled outrage and emplaned.

    We made it home with un-carried-on carryons intact and none of the fragile items contained therein were broken.

  5. well sung… note to self: treat famous musicians well.

  6. TheNewGuy says:

    Very clever… anyone who has ever been stonewalled by an unresponsive customer service drone can relate to this.

    Stick it to them, Dave!


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