Dr. Wes: Are Doctors Sheeple?

Dr. Wes: Are Doctors Sheeple?
…Meanwhile, the politicians and lawyers smile…

Dr Wes is on fire. We’re not sheeple, though; they’re led by whoever says ‘follow me’. Dealing with docs is probably more akin to herding cats.


  1. It’s true, you guys are the most politically inept profession around. You’ve never been able to accomplish anything except for tort reform, and even that never helped your bottom lines much. Certainly not much given the effort you put into it. Lawyers certainly haven’t smiled about that, nor have injured patients.

    And the politicians aren’t smiling either – they’d love to be the recipients of some of your considerable wealth.

    Maybe you’ve just been on the govt. gravy train so long as a group that you don’t know any other way?