I think my daughter just cursed me…

I believe in Karma, mostly the bad kind: Say the forbidden words in an ED I’m in (Slow, Quiet) and you’ll have nothing but my wrath when the tidal wave of humanity breaks.

I’ve said this over and over, so you’d think she’d know better. My youngest (off to College this fall) said tonight “You haven’t been sick in a long time”. We have two big family events coming up this month, one of which is a big, expensive vacation. The foolishness!

Wood was knocked repeatedly, but I fear the Karmic gods have been tweaked. If I spend my vacation in the sick bay you’ll know who did it…


  1. Jabulani says:

    *chuckle* There have been occasions when I’ve told the kids we’re going out that evening and, curiously, a little while before we are due to leave, one of them will throw up or suddenly develop a “my head/tummy really really hurts”. I caved a couple of times before I noticed that recovery was somewhat instantaneous and miraculous if I stayed home. (Did I mention I’m magic? I appear to be able to cure by sheer presence… and I’m not even a medico!!)

    I recently watched the Grey’s Anatomy episode where that immortal phrase was mentioned, and of course, hell descended (or ascended??!!) through the ER portal. I confess I sat there and found myself thinking I wonder if the reverse is true too? If someone said “Have a ceiling-to-floor trauma day”, would it be just the opposite?

  2. TheNewGuy says:

    You NEVER utter the “Q-word” or the “S-word” when I’m working… on pain of being hazed mercilessly by myself and the rest of my staff.

  3. Police Officer - ATX says:

    This brought a smile to my face. Good luck with the Karmic Gods, go outside and dance under a sprinkler while singing “Dancing in the rain” While holding a wooden kitchen spoon and banging on Tupperware.

    This works for my rookies :P If this happens please send or post a photo.

    Better yet sacrifice the one who has tempted the Karmic Gods and make her go and appease them. Again post or send photo :)

    I think it is the same in any emergency profession, you can never utter those dangerous words and not see something happen.

    Jabulani – unfortunately the opposite has never worked for me, if anything it got worse.

  4. Jim in Texas says:

    The “Law of the unmentionables” As soon as you mention something if it’s bad, it will happen, if it’s good it’ll go away.

    I know a good Buddhist monk who will bless you. ;-)