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Social and medical history, all rolled into one

Response to the question “when was your last tetanus shot”, without missing a beat and in the same tone of voice you’d ask someone when they last ate:

Significant other: “When’s the last time you went to Prison?”

The tetanus was up to date.

Doctor has part of finger bitten off by patient

Allegedly for “not writing a prescription”…

Dr. Paul Arnold turned his back for a moment on a patient who was upset because the doctor wouldn’t write him a prescription.

That’s when the patient, Gregory S. Powell, 45, of Fort Myers, allegedly attacked Arnold, 65, biting off part of one of the doctor’s fingers.

As my tipster says “…probably wasn’t about refusing an amoxicillin script…”.

In custody; no word on the doc, and best wishes. 


Thanks to Glenn (a true homie) for the tip.