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Patient with gun shot dead in ED

It’s a CNN Video report so there’s nothing written I can abstract, but it’s from a Seattle, WA affiliate.

Short version: disturbed individual breaks into someones’ house, steals three pistols.  Taken to local ED for ‘bump on head’ or somesuch.

Becomes unruly in ED, Police come and relieve him of two pistols in ED, but inexplicably let him stay (and apparently missed another weapon).  I wonder what happened at this point, because I’m given to understand it’s illegal to take a firearm into a hospital anywhere in the US.  PD leaves.

Unruly person becomes unruly again, Police come back, and in a struggle for the third pistol, unruly is shot to death by PD.

(The show starts with shots of Police removing several rifles out of the house of the burglary victim, and it’s not clear why the burglary victims’ rifles are being confiscated).


I cannot imagine the chaos in that ED, and hope none of them were injured.