Pardon me, but this makes nearly no sense

Alert on Doctors’ Abuse of Propofol, Drug Suspected in Michael Jackson’s Death –
Abuse of the sedative suspected in Michael Jackson’s death is a growing problem among medical professionals, increasing pressure on the government to restrict it as a controlled substance.

So, doctors (a very very few) abuse this drug, so the answer is to…restrict its prescribing to doctors.



  1. Suburban ER Doc says:

    Do you think the AANA could have other motives? They certainly haven’t been a friend of ED sedation.

  2. The DEA has been working on this for a couple of years. Propofol does have the potential for addiction. The abuse problem has been increasing by a large amount, but a lot of that is because there has not been much abuse.

    Has the DEA ever improved the situation by scheduling a drug?

  3. Can you tell me one reason why Propofol would be given in a home setting? I still can’t figure out how this drug could be prescribed for a patient at home. Maybe that is the prescribing restriction.

  4. TheNewGuy says:

    Who the hell gets addicted to propofol? I’d guess it’s probably the least-abused drug an anesthesia doc could handle.

  5. “Counting back from 100, you don’t get to 97” [we all know it depends on dose/rate, but whatever…]

    And that’s why it’s not a rampant abuse problem in spite of it’s access, IMO. If you can’t sit back and enjoy a high, what’s the point? Sort of a self-limiting problem in that respect or, ya know, apnea (and hope the clearance curve outpaces the CO2 one)