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Weirdest prescription?

From an old HS buddy (also a Navy Man) now in healthcare:

Texas law makes almost any item with a doctors prescription exempt from
sales tax.

(most details at : RULE §3.284 Drugs, Medicines, Medical Equipment, and
Devices (Tax Code §151.313) Item 11 is the sort of catch all.

What is most odd item you have been asked for a prescription for purely for
tax-free purposes?

Sellers of the Select Comfort beds, and hot tub/spa dealers are very aware
of this law. Presciption needed for bed, letter and presciption needed for
hot tub/spa.

Oddest request received at clinic where I work: one for in ground pool,
heated and deep enough for water aerobics.

While I don’t notice it on that list, food for helper animals is exempt
from sales tax.

Intersting also, repair parts for devices are exempt, but not
*improvements*. If you replace like for like wheel on a walker, it is tax
free. Replace with improved wheel-taxable.

I’ve never been asked to write a prescription for anything like that in the ED, but I’d be willing to bet my off0ce-based colleagues have.  Care to share?