This blog has not been abandoned.

Please don’t tow it.  (What follows is just stream of consciousness crud to see if I remember how to type. It’s not interesting.  Go read Kevin, or Rob, or Kim).

Yes, I’m in quite the slump.  I’ve had several terrifically interesting, challenging cases recently, but they’re “So interesting” I cannot blog about them.  I cannot figure out a way to anonymize them to my satisfaction.

(I know my blogs’ in a slump, as today I only had one comment-spam attempt.  When even the spammers give up, you know it’s bad).

The irony is that I’m going to BlogWorld (where bloggers will congregate) and I’m in the worst blog-slump I’ve had.  And blogging about blogging is fully as interesting as this post.  You see my predicament.

As an aside, by youngest child, just left for college, texted me last night she was disappointed that I hadn’t done a blog post about her birthday, which was earlier this month.  It was a conscious decision, as just because I have a blog I try not to use my family for filler (unless they agree in advance).  So, nice to know she wouldn’t have minded much.

I’m having an interesting adjustment to the Empty Nest.  It’s only been a few weeks, but with just the two of us we’ve discovered how quiet the house really is (and that the cat squeaks when she walks.   Seriously).  So, I’m in an adjustment period, and this too shall pass.


  1. You can do what one of my relatives have done.

    1) Buy a Corvette
    2) Drive across the country.
    3) Stop and smell the roses

  2. The irony is, this might just be your best post of the year :-)
    Keep up the “stream of conciousness crud” Doc
    it’s far more interesting when you point to yourself than when you are pointing to others!!
    Take care.

  3. Perhaps you could pass the time oiling and lubricating your cat…………

  4. Glen in West Texas says:

    Dealing with a quiet house is not a problem.

    1. Unpack Trombone, assemble and oil.
    2. Download music.
    3. Fill said house with the mellifuous tones of fine old standards.

    The ideal way to deal with midlife issues.

  5. Bruce Small says:

    So do a blog post about the cat, with a cute photo, of course.

    ps Wish I had my old Corvette back. It was a 1958, and I was 21 in Fort Lauderdale. Ah, the life back then was grand.

  6. Hang in there. I like that even your apologies for not posting are better than other people’s whole blogs. No fluff, just reality.

  7. SOME of your family members agreed in advance to birthday notices!!

  8. We’re now down to one in the house, and I understand the issue of “deafening quiet” much more clearly….and share your slump. Like all constipation, though, this too shall pass!