Well, phoo

I just took down a post in which I had a terrific metaphor for my main point.  I thought.

Unfortunately, my metaphor was wrong.  So, it made my point, well, less pointed.  So,  I’ll approach the idea from a different tack.

Thanks to reader Eric for the early heads-up.


  1. Oh, I hate that! The post and pic showed in my reader so what was the issue? Was it that the anchor was somehow perfectly accessible?

    My policy when I get something terribly terribly wrong is to leave the post up, let my readers tell me what an idiot I am, and have several “beers of shame.”

  2. Spare, believe it or not.

    I thought the rest of the post made sense, but having the central part of my metaphor so competely destroyed made it untenable. So, I’ll try again later.

  3. Mmmm… beers of shame…

  4. Derrick L. says:

    I liked the metaphor, regardless of its truth. What was that anchor actually for in the picture?

  5. Ships’ anchor. Turns out it would actually be a spare, and therefore had a purpose that wasn’t as dumb as I had assumed.