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BlogWorld 09 Thursday lunch

Blogworld 09 Thursday Lunch: good salad, chewy armadillo, terrific dessert.

The sound system was not up to the drill, so I cannot comment on the Keynote address. The 12 who could hear took offense at the 500 who couldn’t, so instead of fixing the audio we were told to sit quietly while Charlie Brown’s teacher and principal had a chat. Then we were asked to leave.

I can take a hint. So I did.

Fortunately the breakout group sound is good. I like my group. BlogWorld!

BlogWorld Medblogger Track

There are several of us twittering the medblogger track now. We’re on Twitter. @gruntdoc @doc_rob @doctorwes most active now.

Ending a shift with a bang. []

EM at its finest:

Ending a shift with a bang. []
I write a nice note trying to capture the essence of what I did and why I did it. Can't write "decided to go big or go home" so I wrap it up in that nice, sterile and intentionally understated medicalese which makes it seem like the decisions were clear cut, and based on solid information, when the truth is that they were largerly judgement calls based upon spotty and/or inaccurate information.

I sign out and then I punch out.

In EM we often don’t get to wait for the test result, or for a period of observation. Curse, and beauty, of the job.