Free Zippy!

Zippy the Lobster was here in the Great State of Texas (for a nice trip to the Bahamas), then went to India to see Scanman.

Zippy hasn’t been heard from since March.

I cannot help but wonder if foul play has occurred, or if he/she/it is being held against their will.

Therefore, please help me in the exhortation: Free Zippy!

Zippy Must Be Free.jpeg.jpg

Really. Don’t make us send Hillary.

Update: follow this on twitter: #freezippy


  1. I think Zippy has a gender & nationality identity crisis, GruntDoc. She thinks she is a Tamil girl, named ?????? (sippy).

  2. Thanks for bringing up this crisis. Zippy himself is trying to send us messages: FREE ZIPPY!

    I am losing sleep over this.

  3. Randall Sexton says:

    If zippy is found please send him to see me in Thailand!