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Who are my readers, really?

I’ve been asked this quite a lot recently, and have no idea.  I know, more or less, the commenters, but there are quite a number of readers who don’t comment.

So, who are you?  Scouts’ Honor, now, and you’re only allowed to vote once.  (I’m not looking for any particular answer here, it’s just a completely unscientific survey…).  Choose one.  It’s up to you.

Who are you who reads this blog?
Allied Health
Valuable Reader
Mom free polls

Weird.  Buttons don’t display properly.  The TOP one is "VOTE", the LOWER one is "VIEW RESULTS".  Weird.

I’ll turn this off in a week or so.  I’m interested in knowing who the nine of you are!


Update: After about 24 hours of voting:


I find this very surprising,  Lotta docs (comparatively), fewer nurses than I would have thought, etc.  (It’s totally unscientific, but it’s interesting nonetheless).

MedGadget’s SciFi Contest is on!

A day late and a couple of dollars short on the announcement, but:

We are excited to announce our annual Medgadget Sci-Fi Writing Contest! Now in its fourth year, the competition is designed to showcase fictional stories written by our readers, stories that transport us into the future of medicine. Whether it is a hitherto unknown ethical dilemma that will come up many years from now or an imaginary technology, we can’t wait to see this year’s entries!

Go there, read the rules, and write your SciFi heart out.  I get to judge (and it’s quite an honor to get to read all the submissions).  If you win, you get a Kindle!


Entries due November 16th, so get-a-typing…