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The Swann

Dr. Ganz has died at 90.

William Ganz, Catheter Inventor, Dies at 90

Published: November 13, 2009

Dr. William Ganz, a cardiologist and medical inventor who helped develop a revolutionary catheter to measure blood flow and heart functions, died Tuesday in Los Angeles. He was 90. … 200911140159.jpg

The catheter, which is used more than one million times a year in the United States, is known as the Swan-Ganz because Dr. Ganz created it with Dr. Jeremy Swan at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It is inserted through a vein in the neck, shoulder or groin and fed into the right side of the heart. A balloon at the device’s tip allows it to be carried along by blood flow.

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to ‘float a Swan’ a few times as a resident, and never since. Are they still used?

I recall doing a lot of longhand math after a Swan, and a terrific amount of information could be discerned…and then it was kind of a big pain to decide when it was no longer needed.

Thanks, Dr. Ganz, and, are they still in frequent ICU use?

How to remember where you’ve parked

Well, how I remember.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel in and out of DFW several times recently.  I fly American most of the time, because I like to see just how small a seat I can get into, and guessing which terminal I’ll return to is unpredictable, which is what every traveler wants at the end of a journey.  Win win.

I’ve taken to snapping a photo of the nearest parking lot ID post.  To their credit, no “Itchy vs Scratchy” lots at DFW, and terminal D is well marked indeed:

007 You’re about to say ‘how can you forget where you parked’, and congratulations on your superior memory.  Me?  I have a picture to remind me.